Maudisa Meroe - online therapy


There is a path that is undeniably yours. To find it, just start walking.

You already have within you everything you need to live a whole, healthy, satisfying life. It might be hidden behind habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. Or buried under the weight of shame or feelings of unworthiness. It might be imprisoned behind a wall of resentments. But we can set it free.


Whether you’re dealing with a major loss or life event, relationship issues, depression, anxiety or various other hazards of human existence, talking it through in a safe space with an experienced guide can be a game changer.

Our sessions together will offer fresh perspectives and strategies to help you:

  • Rewrite stories and unlearn patterns that are keeping you stuck

  • Release trauma and shame

  • Free yourself from other people’s expectations

  • Open up emotional and energetic pathways to healing and growth

  • Develop the skills to meet life’s challenges with confidence and curiosity rather than fear and defensiveness

I work with individuals, couples and polycules/relationship constellations, from Boomers to Zoomers and anyone navigating a major life transition. Much of my work focuses on the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, two spirit, queer people, and their friends and allies.  


Sessions may incorporate Trauma Informed Care, EMDR and LGBT Affirmative Therapy as appropriate, all within the framework of NTU Psychotherapy — a holistic, African-centered approach to healing and wellness designed to help people live authentic, balanced lives in harmony with the natural order.


My psychotherapy services are available online—via a secure telehealth platform—to clients in California and Ohio (and soon, in Washington, North Carolina and the District of Columbia). Sessions are 60-90 minutes in length. Major insurance accepted.

Still have questions or wondering if therapy is right for you? Feel free to contact me.