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Maudisa Meroe - seated - Oakland train tracks

What if it didn't have to be so hard?


I'm Maudisa Meroe.

Psychotherapist. Life coach. Sex therapist. And I'm here to help you find your center and live your truth. To know the way home, even in the middle of the storm.

Maudisa Meroe - online therapist

The road that brings you back to you is not even a road yet. The journey makes it so.

Ready to start your journey?


Let’s peel the onion. Let’s change the record. Let’s get past the past. Let’s reclaim our power. Let’s take the first step …


Let’s take the wheel. Let’s get out of a rut. Let’s face our fears. Let’s defy expectations. Let’s find our life's purpose …


Let’s tap in. Let’s open up. Let’s stop shaming. Let’s start healing. Let’s discover ourselves. Let’s express ourselves …

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